Samyang SS cutting wheel quality improvement

엠엑스 2019.02.21 17:06:32


The research and development team of Samyang Abrasives Co., Ltd. started mass production by remarkably improving the quality of the existing SS cutter grind wheels.

The SS cutter developed in November 2006 is set to the standard of SS-ND#46 105 x 1.2 x 15.0 and shows the following differences in performance from the existing SS#46 105 x 1.2 x 15.0 product. SS#46 cutter innovation developed before improvement SS-ND#46 cutter Cutting material type (same standard) SUS SKD11 SUS SKD11 Cutting speed (relative comparison) 8.62 seconds 11.27 seconds 7.03 seconds 8.66 seconds (25% faster) Grinding ratio 0.60 0.68 0.79 2.07 (30%~2 times increase) Cutting efficiency 23.3 20 37.4 79.6 (60%~3 times increase) *This test result is the data compared to the test in our development room under the same conditions as the actual field work method.