Research Institute Introduction

R&D Lab

Technology Institute

  • 2007.08.28

    Recognized as an affiliated research institute (Korea Industrial Technology Association)

    Sam Yang Research & Development Center Recognized by the Korea Industrial Technical Association (KITA)

  • 2010.11.16

    Recognized as a technologically innovative small and medium enterprise (INNO-BIZ) (Small and Medium Business Administration)

    Certified by the Korea Small and Medium Sized Business Administration as Technical INNO-BIZ (Innovative Business)

  • Samyang Abrasives Co. R&D Center is an affiliated research institute established in 2007 for professional R&D of VITRIFIED and RESINOID Grinding wheels.
  • Samyang Abrasives Co., which has the longest history of VITRIFIED Grinding wheels in Korea and is concentrated in technology, conducts research and development by collecting customer opinions, and Samyang Abrasives Co. produces and provides products that meet the needs of customers. It is a full time service partner in the process. In addition, Samyang Abrasives Co. have achieved successful market entry of CBN and Vitrified Diamond through continuous research and development activities.

R&D strategy

Samyang Abrasives Co. is focusing on research and development focusing on VITRIFIED and RESINOID Grinding wheels as key research promotion fields. In addition, Samyang Abrasives Co. is expanding into industrial fields such as high efficiency and eco-friendliness as an R&D strategy for future growth.

Continuous investment

Samyang Abrasives Co. has invested a considerable amount of time and money in R&D to achieve research results in a short period of time.

Strengthening competitiveness through technology

Enhancement of our technology through research on new product and new technology development.


Using the best technology
Develop products that customers want at the right time

Technology convergence and development

New product and technology development

Market focused, customer focused

Create value to meet customer needs

Improving market dominance and business development at the same time

Technology Development, Manufacturing Technology, Sales Strategy = Competitiveness

R&D in conjunction with the company's management strategy

Deliver the highest quality products to customers quickly and accurately

Strengthening R&D Technology


New product development

Development and acquisition of new technology

Strengthening R&D capabilities

Secure research resources

High business performance