Production Line

Marking of Grinding wheels

  • WA
  • 60
  • J
  • 6
  • V
  • 1A 

ⓐ Abrasives wheels manufactured according to the manufacturing method

  • A = Alundum
  • WA = White Alundum
  • GC = Green Carborundum
  • SG = ∝-Al2O3 manufactured by the sol-gel method
  • PA = Pink Alundum
  • SA = Single Crystaline Alundum
  • C = Carborundum

ⓑ Represents a particle size of 60 mesh (250㎛)

  • Assembly = 10 ~ 24mesh
  • Fine grain = 80 ~ 220mesh
  • Neutrality = 30 ~ 60mesh
  • Microfine = 240 ~ 800mesh

ⓒ Bonding degree of grinding wheels

  • E, F, G = the most soft
  • I, M, N, O = Medium
  • T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z = very hard
  • H, I, J, K = soft
  • P, Q, R, S = hard

ⓓ Organization of grinding wheel

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Compactness Normal Sloppy

ⓔ Type of bond

  • V = Vitrified
  • B = Resinoid

Foundation of Grinding wheels

Components of grinding wheels

  • 1. Abrasive : The role of cutting the workpiece with the cutting edge.
  • 2. Binder : The role of binding and protecting the abrasive grains.
  • 3. Pore : It is between the abrasive grain and the binder, and the role to escape the cutting powder.

[ The location of the elements that make up the grinding wheels ]

Type and characteristics of grain


Abrasive is an artificial synthetic material that acts as a cutting edge in a grinding wheel.
Type Color Mark Name Manufacturing method Usage
Ceramic abrasive (AI203)   Blue (opaque) SS CUBITRON Ceramic inorganic material produced through the SOL-GEL process (process) Grinding of difficult-to-cut materials such as soft, high carbon steel and stainless steel
  White (opaque) SG HTB
Silicon carbide (SiC) black C Black Silicon Carbide Crystallization of silica and carbon material by crystallization in an electric resistance furnace Casting, non-metal, abrasive cloth, refractory, crystal, stone
Green GC Green Silicon Carbide It is made by crystallizing a carbon material having a higher purity than the raw material by the same method Cemented carbide, refractory

Types and characteristics of abrasives

Type Color Mark Name Manufacturing method Usage
Molten alumina (Al2O3) Brown A Regular Aluminium Oxide Brown crystals pulverized by melting bauxite in an electric furnace General steel, grinding cloth, optical grinding, semiconductor grinding, refractory, etc.
White WA White Aluminium Oxide Crystal by melting and pulverizing alumina by the Basya method Synthetic steel, abrasive paper, special refractory, etc.
Light gray HA Single crystal Aluminium Oxide An incoat made by adding and dissolving sulfur, etc. to an alumina compound is submerged in water and separated by particles Light grinding tool steel of alloy steel, special steel
Pink PA Pink Aluminium Oxide Same as WA product, but melted and crystallized by adding a little Cr203 to give it properties Internal grinding and gear grinding of general heat treated steel
Brown TA Collection of grains (集結晶砥粒) It is the same as the manufacturing method of brown molten alumina grinding material, but makes the crystal large by making a difference in the cooling speed. Slab Billet Heavy Duty grinding
Gray Z Zirconia Aluminium Oxide Alumina and zirconia are mixed and pulverized by melt cooling under special conditions Super heavy grinding of steel, casting, and steel