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Roll Grinding wheels

Product Information

Roll grinding is not just cylindrical grinding, but is widely used from companies that produce steel plates for steel or automobiles, steel plates for ships, and thin plates that require high precision technology, to companies that produce heavy-duty pistons, aluminum, copper, paper, fiber, and vinyl. . Since several rolling rolls for iron making are used as a set, the characteristics of grinding grindstone are the main.

Features and additional explanation

Domestic Sales Office Information

A company that makes innovation in the field of automobile, aviation parts, construction, and machinery parts including shipbuilding business-Introducing Samyang Abrasives' national agencies.

Detail view


standard(mm) : 915X100X304.8 1066X100X508

Type of abrasive


Application tool


Peripheral speed


Precautions for use

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Where to use (Attach PDF file)

Sales Department Inquiry/Quote

Samyang Abrasives Co. Sales Department

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    34, Bonchon Industrial Complex 1-gil, Yeongcheon-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
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- Grinding Condition Survey Table (Korean) Download

- Grinding Conditions Check Sheet Download