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7-inch A Offset

Product Information

Offset grinding wheel is a grindstone made by using synthetic resin as a binder and putting glass fiber as a reinforcing material in the middle layer of the grindstone. In general, a grinding wheel is mounted on a portable grinder to remove the protrusion of metal or non-metal workpieces and grind the rough parts of the curved surface. It is used for the purpose of doing.

Features and additional explanation

Domestic Sales Office Information

A company that makes innovation in the field of automobile, aviation parts, construction, and machinery parts including shipbuilding business-Introducing Samyang Abrasives' national agencies.

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standard(mm) : 180x6x22.23 180x8x22.23

Type of abrasive


Application tool


Peripheral speed


Precautions for use

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Where to use (Attach PDF file)

Sales Department Inquiry/Quote

Samyang Abrasives Co. Sales Department

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    34, Bonchon Industrial Complex 1-gil, Yeongcheon-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
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